Toruń Moves – Let’s Integrate!

The Amicus Foundation in cooperation with the Copernican Integration Centre in Toruń offers you the possibility to work as a volunteer in the Toruń Moves – Integrate! programme. The programme consists of three-fold activities:

  1. Intercultural workshops for pupils and students from kindergartens and schools (primary and secondary).
  2. Preparation of events for the NCU community & citizens (e.g. International Children’s Day).
  3. Gardening and community-building in the NCU Edible Garden based in the Copernican Integration Centre.

What do you gain:

  • You can develop valuable skills, e.g. communication, creative thinking, teamwork, time management, problem-solving;
  • You can experience the working environment in a non-governmental organization;
  • You can influence important areas affecting the local residents and acquire a better understanding of how small communities work;
  • You have a chance to work with proactive and committed people.

YUFE Civic Star

Please note that the total workload for the YUFE Civic Star is of 50 hours, including:

– Attending the Civic Engagement Intro Training. * This online training session (1,5 h) will introduce you to the ideas behind the YUFE Civic Star and the rules for applying to it: why universities and YUFE are interested in community engagement; how to recognize and make visible the different competencies gained by attending civic engagement activities; principles & practicalities of obtaining the Civic Star, etc.;
– Delivering the activity (Help Desk / Community Volunteering Programme);
– Working on the YUFE Civic Star Personal Development Plan.

* The forthcoming training:
Time: May 12, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CET

More information about programme:

Contact person – Katarzyna Wójcik,